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The Boyd Nelson Foundation's current project is working to equip clients with the resources and pathway to enter the real estate industry.  It is our belief that ownership, cash flow, and knowledge are the keys to financial independence.  Targeting women and minorities, the Legacy Investments Program helps clients obtain economic mobility through education, acquiring real estate assets, and increasing cash flow.  Clients are categorized by financial status (Negative Net Worth, Negative Cash Flow, Break Even) and subsequently, matched with an investment strategy to buy/hold, flip, or lease properties available through the foundation's portfolio.  Matching decisions are based on the client’s budget and goals, Foundation’s current portfolio inventory, and client’s sustainability plan. 


Our goal is to provide a guided pathway for clients to learn the necessary steps to successfully acquire, improve, and maintain real estate for the purpose of investment.  

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Stimulate local economy through partnerships with small businesses for services required to complete each project. 


Equip clients with real estate industry knowledge that will produce multiple streams of income and generational wealth.


Present opportunities for clients to acquire assets and establish cash flow with real estate investments.

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