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One of the most challenging issues a lot of organizations face is getting out of the production of reporting into the analysis of the data.  We spend countless hours and resources downloading data from one system to massage in excel and try and make presentable with some presentation tool.  Not only is this time consuming but leaves a lot of room for error with varying issues.

  • Misinterpreted data

  • Missing data

  • Creating improper relationships within datasets

  • Choosing the correct metric

  • Identifying best visualization


RootedIn; Data Discovery offer’s statistical assessment of large datasets, automated reporting, prescriptive analysis, and financial modeling within our packages.  We provide these services through our five-step process.

  1. Interview

  2. Shadow

  3. User Story Development

  4. Data Prep

  5. Deployment


Clients are able to select between three package options; Basic, Basic+, and Plus.  

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